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The impending rollout of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will significantly help improve the ‘Ease of doing Business’ with the elimination of cascading effect – bringing more simplified compliance & uniform process across India.

However, to comply with GST, organizations are required to tackle some challenges:

  • Adapt multiple existing business processes & practices as per the single system of taxation
  • Accommodate the complexities of calculating the GST into all their functions, once the new regime is enforced.
  • Upgrade their ERP systems in order to confirm to the new tax structures & other cost implications.
  • Train people within the company and its business eco-system for GST readiness

SAT’s GST focused Solutions

SAT has developed a GST Readiness solution to address the requirements of GST Implementation with the existing Enterprise Applications. Leverage best in class technology to support compliance and smooth transitioning from the current to new GST regime. Activating the Add-On will equip you for GST compliance, however if the implementation date is postponed further, it can continue to work on existing tax structure.

SAT’s client oriented GST Solution will have a holistic impact on your business operations presenting significant opportunities for long-term revenue and margin improvement. Our technology solution will facilitate you to boost business analysis and decision making in the GST environment.

SAT’s GST Approach

SAT will ensure that your organization switches to an upgraded system that links entries precisely, as against your present system that records transactions distinctly. Application of changes would be managed through a robust program management on various work-streams across the value chain of business operations.

  • Our team of experts have thorough understanding in Tax Laws and Compliance with IT implementations.
  • SAT will ensure that your existing Enterprise System is assessed well and as per your unique needs a suitable GST focused solution is implemented.
  • SAT offers Client Oriented GST Solutions most relevant to your industry, business processes and existing IT systems.
  • We enable you to achieve the highest standards of technical & regulatory competence.
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SAT's GST Approach


  • Microsoft Partner, Oracle Gold Partner, ISO 20000-1:2011 Certified
  • Deep understanding of various domains, industries & ERPs
  • Equipped with robust tools, processes & implementation strategy
  • In Compliance with the latest GST tax norms
  • On-demand Activation of GST Add-on
  • Simulation of set-ups before GST implementation
  • Change Management and User Adoption Training

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