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In an era driven by data, it has become vital that every business matches up to the latest trends and technologies. To keep any business on track you need to analyze and consolidate your data. The data presented in the right manner enables you to stay on the target and run towards a specified goal.

SA Technologies offers a holistic business intelligence (BI) and data visualization consulting portfolio aimed at maximizing the data transformational benefits while accelerating implementation and integration at optimized costs. We help you visualize and analyze your complex data in a way that reveals patterns, trends, and relationships that data silos don’t. Our team of experts provide you with the best solutions consolidating your data and presenting it in the best format for you to make smarter and faster decisions.

Our Expertise in BI Tools and Technologies

Qlik Consulting Services || Tableau Consulting Services || Microsoft Power BI Consulting

Data Mapping & BI

  • • Mapping Multiple Data Sources
  • • Legacy Migrationsready-to-deploy technical
  • • OLAP/OLTP/ROLAP Services
  • • Cache-aware and Memory Optimizations
  • • Digital Adoption (SMAC)
  • • Distributed Databases/ETL/DW

Data Visualization Services

  • • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • • Self-Service Reporting Setups
  • • Data Modeling / Data Discovery
  • • Cloud/On-premise Tools
  • • Predictive/Forecasting
  • • Geo-visualization, What-If Analysis
  • • Feature-rich Interactive Visual Reports


  • • 3rd Party Integrations
  • • Application Embedding
  • • API Configurations
  • • Data Integrity Audits
  • • Orchestration
  • • Query Optimizations

Develop Dashboards

Our BI & DataViz experts will help you build revealing dashboards from where you will find all the required information to gain actionable insights.

Business Intelligence Expertise

BI tools enable organizations to make better and faster decisions. It makes the organization more responsive to threats and opportunities. Our experts will help you with all the data analytics tools that you are currently using or planning to make use of in future.

Roadmap & Implementation


Our Solution Architects will create a detailed roadmap to implement Data Visualization Tools and BI solution across your organization

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SAT's Delivery Approach

SAT can give you access to High quality resources with huge experience and proven success. Our BI Deployment Solutions allow high level of scalability & flexibility customized according to Client-specific needs. SAT's On-Prem to Hybrid Workforce are designed to provide highly skilled ready-to-deploy Data Visualization and BI technical resources who will be a natural extension of your internal team. As our customer, you retain control of your results; while we retain the best-in-class talent for your success.

On Premise Delivery Approach USA

On-Prem Delivery Approach

  • • Single Resource to Large Teams
  • • On-demand Flexible Resources deployed On-Prem
  • • Prequalified, Prescreened Technology Talent
  • • Best in Class Experts and Industry veterans
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Let us help you connect with right talent

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Offshore Delivery Approach

  • • Access to Global Quality Talent
  • • After-hours Support
  • • Total Control on Resources/Teams
  • • Flexible Resources across Technology Stacks
  • • Customer aligned Remote Teams
  • • Natural Extension of your Internal Team
Offshore Delivery Center Approach USA

Hybrid Delivery Approach

  • • Combination of On-Prem and Offshore Teams
  • • Round the Clock Support
  • • Access to Niche Technical Talent
  • • No Minimum Commitments
  • • Collaborative Development Partner
  • • Reduced Time-to-Market


Build a team that best suits your need. Need a Data Architect who can Lead the team but also is hands-on? We have them.


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