An expert’s take on SharePoint Migration Tools

Just when businesses were struggling with managing the data and files, technology blessed us with a driven platform like SharePoint. This document management and collaboration SharePoint Migration Tools helped tons of businesses to align their processes. 

As the popularity of this platform increased, a lot of service providers established themselves in the market and started helping organizations to make the best out of this platform. SharePoint’s solutions were designed to fulfill specific needs. 

The major solutions that were offered involved in SharePoint Migration, SharePoint consulting, SharePoint integration, etc. You can find out about these services on our website 

However, in this blog, we will discuss a deeper SharePoint topic that we bet you all are eager to explore. And it is ‘SharePoint Migration Tools’.

It often happens that we know about the tools but are not sure which suits the best to our business needs. Yes, yes, you can always hire a well-versed SharePoint consulting partner. But a little knowledge won’t hurt. 

So, grab a comfortable chair because we are taking you on a SharePoint Migration Tools tour. Trust us; by the end of this blog, you will have a decent knowledge of these tools. 

Let’s check them out one at a time!

1. AvePoint DocAve

AvePoint DocAve is a SharePoint Migration Tool that is well-suited for enterprises. With its strong popularity and wide use, AvePoint DocAve definitely tops the list. 

The two major reasons that people use it for are DocAve Migrators and DocAve Content Managers. These two components are built-in and promote easy content reconstructing while supporting the SharePoint software environment. 

It is full of modules that support the migration of 14 legacy systems to versions like SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, or SharePoint Online. 

Experts Take on AvePoint DocAve

AvePoint DocAve is the best choice for the enterprises of large scale. It also offers a great deal of simplicity that saves businesses from efforts. Hence, if you are looking for a compatible tool that will cater to your large organizational needs, go ahead with this.

2. Sharegate Migration Tool

The major USP of the Sharegate Migration tool is, it needs no installation on the server-side. These characteristics of ShareGate make it the most simple and straightforward tool.

It supports both fully-fledged SharePoint migration and parts by parts migration. 

Compatible with both SharePoint Online and Offline, you can choose your way of migration, which is either automatically or manually. Whatever suits you the best!

Sharegate is a commercial software tool whose complete functionalities can be utilized only after paying a certain amount as a fee.

Experts Take on Sharegate Migration Tool 

Since the Sharegate Migration tool is compatible with Office 365, SharePoint 2007, 2013, and 2010. We think it is a great and efficient option to go with. 

Talking about flexibility, Sharegate allows its users to change templates, site names, migrate sub-sites, etc. 

After considering all the entities, we can say that this SharePoint Migration tool is your friend in need. 

3. Metalogix Content Matrix

Metalogix Content Matrix is a content management tool recognized for three reasons,

a. Presence of Migration Manager 

b. Competency to develop site structures easily

c. Importance of users permission

All of these features have a specific role in making the process of SharePoint migration an easy job. However, its major feature is it helps organizations to directly connect with current SharePoint deployments. It does a great job of migrating metadata and other relevant parameters.

What makes it even more powerful is its simple set up. You can rest assured that when you start using the Metaloxic Content matrix as your SharePoint Migration Tool, you will have the easiest migration of your life.

Expert’s Take on Matalogix Content Matrix

Looking at its features, we think this SharePoint Migration tool is for the one who is looking for a tool beyond normal need, someone who needs extra. This tool lets you set the limitation by giving the importance to the user’s permission for any kind of access. This offers security.

Therefore, if you are looking for a lot of features in a single tool, Metalogix Content Matrix is for you.

These are just some drops from the ocean of tools. But we have given you the best of options. We hope this blog gave you a clear understanding of the types of SharePoint Migration tools.

If you are looking for a reliable SharePoint service provider then SA Technologies can be your partner. With years of experience and skilled professionals, we excel in offering impeccable SharePoint services that makes difference.

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