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Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX Process Manufacturing Production & Logistics

Production in Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you achieve real-time insights into your manufacturing process. This powerful Dynamics AX solution provides you with manufacturing features on both local and global scale. The software allows you to optimize production flow with its valuable insights into departments like inventory, warehouse, and production. This happens via features that it offers like effective planning, maximum use of resources, offering accurate delivery performance and simplifying the business processes.

Maximize process efficiencies with the help of specialized role centers that assist you in organizing concerned tasks, data and tools to smoothen workflow. People involved get real-time access to information about time, consumed raw materials, and operations. Through business analytics tool of Dynamics 365 for production, a production manager receives detailed reports for lead time, defect ratio, capacity utilization, along with planned and actual consumption.

Why SAT' Dynamics AX for Process Manufacturing Production & Logistics?

Optimize Flow

Specify manufacturing resources like machines, employees, tools and even sub-contractors as work centers, also offer them to work for center groups. Perform scheduling on different detail levels. You can maximize scheduling flexibility by determining the better capacity.

Makes Resources Flexible

Production in Microsoft Dynamics AX offers required flexibility to receive maximum profitability through your resources. Proposals from master scheduling build production orders independently. With this, you can also manage bills of material in a most efficient way.

Hike Production Efficiency

With Microsoft Dynamics AX Production/ Manufacturing reduce lead times by generating cross-group links between resources capable of handling the same task to bring out maximum efficiency. Various properties help you reduce the setup time.

Monitor Cost

Production in Microsoft Dynamics AX offers you flexible choices for recording capacity and material consumptions. Base data can track consumption and cost before production. Cost of consumption and production automatically gets posted in general ledger.

Features of Dynamics 365/AX for Process Manufacturing Production & Logistics,

• You can create production offers manually
• Track precise product cost against estimation
• Buy services from sub-contractors
• Calculate consumption with the support of measurement formula
• You can do capacity scheduling for both finite and infinite materials
• Until you reach the costed stage you can roll back or delete order if required
• You can handle scrap as a constant or variable
• Receive the graphical representation of production schedule
• Rescheduling could be enabled by dragging and dropping

Why Dynamics 365/AX for Process Manufacturing, Production & Logistics?

SA Technologies excel in offering a comprehensive solution that helps to manage discrete, process, and lean manufacturing for the manufacturing companies. With our highly-skilled Certified Consultants, we have successfully implemented, customized and maintained Dynamics AX solution for a number of clients across the globe.

• We enable you to satisfy the customer demand with flexible options
• We ensure you have a command on your manufacturing resources for optimum performance
• Increase your production efficiency and minimize the expenses
• Get the tailored Dynamics AX Production/ Manufacturing solution from industry experts

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