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Streamline your business with the next generation technologies using Microsoft Power BI services. Microsoft Power BI consulting serves as the best avenue to visualize, analyze and optimize your data which leads to the amplified productivity and business growth.

It's time to empower your business by expanding the possibilities with Microsoft Power BI implementation across your organization.

Top-tier solutions of SA Technologies Inc for Microsoft Power BI

SA Technologies with its well-versed team strive to offer potent and satisfactory solutions to our clients.
We help you to:

  • See the business-related operations in real-time by creating interactive dashboards
  • Witness and analyze the data that is present on-premises and cloud
  • Navigate throughout your business securely with the built-in governance
  • Share personalized and interactive dashboards and reports

We offer the Microsoft Power BI consulting for the following
departments of your organization


Well-managed data helps the business to run well. The business grows inevitably when that data is stored in the form of strong dashboards and reports. Dashboards and Reports empower to analyze the sales in various regions, track product availability, attain customers and monitor every individual in the sales department. Thus, Microsoft Power BI’s capability to simplify hundreds of tasks make it a game changer.


We live in a digital era where marketing plays a vital role in the success of every business. A little ignorance, error or inaccuracy can lead to the disastrous results. Microsoft Power BI services help you to prevent all these possible errors by helping you fuse the data, reinforce it with the knowledge collected from the third-party and present you with the analytical insights it contains.


Financial professionals agree that with the traditional financing methods, a lot of time is wasted in the low-merit tasks, affecting the productivity of the high-value tasks. The Microsoft Power BI solutions break these norms and brings in a lot of lucidity in the finance sector by helping the organization nurture efficient and systematic utilization of the spreadsheets, high-standard transparency and reports functionality, and on-premise solutions.

Human Resources

Clear information helps the human resources to take the well-informed decisions. Microsoft Power BI services help you align all the crucial information in an effortlessly digestible format. It enables the human resources to.
Analyze the professional improvements of the individuals across various departments.
Microsoft Power BI solutions also help you to easily point the sick leave pattern, recognize the outliers, etc.
Offers automatically refreshed data.

Inventory Management

The most valuable belonging of any company is its inventory. For every inventory intensive sector including food, manufacturing, and retail the existing and finished products of the firm acts as the crucial entities. Whereas the scarcity of an inventory in the time of need can prove damaging. Microsoft Power BI solutions will offer you quick actionable insights into the aging of inventory, re-order level by items for the management to take the informed decisions with vendors/suppliers.


Microsoft Power BI implementation upgrades the accuracy of the business insights by merging together the data from various departments, helps you conduct efficient conferences by providing live dashboards, immediately recognizes the area with the scope of improvement, offers similar and transparent data to all the departments, provides clear and eye-pleasing visuals.

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