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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions by SAT

Quite a while back machines were invented to minimize manual efforts and time. As the industry evolved, we have finally achieved a phase where technology is easily accessible. One such innovation came to us in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Here at SAT, we believe in delivering the best services to our clients as per their requirements. We provide AI-powered technologies such as natural language expert, speech recognition, machine learning, expert systems and so on. Leveraging skilled professional, SAT provides Intelligent solutions that help you achieve agility and further fuel your growth to deliver continuous value.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities

SAT is determined to provide you the best of AI services with end-to-end implementation.

AI Architecture Design

  • SAT is a team of experts that will help you in transforming your business.
  • We have some of the best AI engineers in the industry who works hand-in-hand with this innovated technology to generate potential uses for AI in your business.

AI Development

  • SAT has acquired some extensive expertise in developing AI-enabled applications.
  • We provide automated solutions for various business operations in order to stimulate the growth.

Customized AI Solutions

  • Being specialized in AI services, we design customized AI-based solutions that are tailor-fit to the requirements of the clients.

Implementing AI

  • With the utilization of most recent technologies, we give the cutting-edge solutions.
  • SAT provide a seamless implementation of AI and deliver the maximum benefits.


  • We integrate advanced AI solutions into the current plan of action or business model to generate amplified ROI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Product Expertise:

SAT’s expertise in various AI solutions provides you the best-in-class performance.

Machine Learning

  • Leverage data for self-learning
  • Regression
  • Complicated data interpretation
  • Detect trends
  • Identify patterns

Natural Language Processing

  • Modeling
  • Contextual extraction
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion
  • Document summarization
  • Machine translation

Image Processing

  • Image segmentation
  • Image restoration and enhancement
  • Semantic modeling
  • Image detection
  • Visual quality assessment

Robotic Process Automation

  • Emulates human action
  • Perform multiple tasks
  • Automated report generation
  • Data migration
  • Product management

Why SAT?

  • SAT’s technology and consistent ground-breaking innovation will provide you the desired growth for your business.
  • We provide smarter and more predictive AI-powered solutions that are customized for every business needs.
  • SAT is committed to providing you answers to complex questions.


"SAT’s domain expertise and strong AI skills amazed us and helped us understand our data in a better way. They provided end-to-end AI strategies and seamlessly implemented AI-based solutions. SAT is going to be our forever AI partner."

Director - of a Healthcare company


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