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Business Intelligence Solutions

SAT provides full set of BI services from consulting, strategy, development and support. Our specialist team consists of BI Implementation experts and analysts who advice, build and co-manage an effective BI implementation strategy coupled with a sustainable cost effective execution model.

Our program centrally governs conceptualization, implementation and maintenance. Our team comprises of Architects, Developers, Database Administrators, Designers, Analysts & BI experts.

Identify & Find Data Sources

We will identify the critical datasets, the format they reside in, determine their complexities, ad prepare for data processing

Build a Strategy

Our business analysts will pen down a plan to determine the ideal representation of the identified datasets, which will help us in creating reports.


Our experts will help adapt to the new interface of desktop or cloud version to generate interactive reports from anywhere and any device

Develop Dashboards

Our designers and developers will help you create intuitive dashboards from where you will find all the required information to gain actionable insights.

Proven Expertise

BI tools enable organizations to make better and faster decisions. It makes the organization more responsive to threats and opportunities. Our experts will help you with all the data analytics tools that you are currently using or planning to make use of in future.

Roadmap & Implementation

Our Solution Architects will create a detailed roadmap to implement Power BI across your organization

Power BI

SAT combines the robust dynamism of Power BI tools with SAT's rich experience in efficiently managing huge volume of data to boost the visibility of your processes and enable you understand the areas that require improvement.

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Our visualization services combined with Tableau’s diverse range of data source connectivity, makes it easy to ask questions and get immediate answers/insightful information related to every aspect of your business.

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With QlikView’s in-memory technology and SAT’s extensive experience, we help decision-makers identify areas of cost saving. Our services will help enterprises control and/or cut costs by analysing unwanted costs.

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Pentaho enable organizations to make better and faster decisions. It makes the organization more responsive to threats and opportunities. Our created dashboards enable social decision making by safe and near real-time collaboration.

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Targit BI

We help you get the most of your Targit investments. Our team of experts will help you access relevant data from different sources, joined in one application and explore the relationships between different sets of data.

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SAT has created a great impact on company-wide performance by giving focussedc solutions. With the assessment provided by the SAT’s consultants, our finance and executive teams can quickly monitor financial performance by the market.

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