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SA Technologies with its Project Service Automation solution help you to mold the delivery and management process of a project by automating the workflow in a most effective manner. Project Service tools combine people, process and technologies enabling teams to complete the project in expected time and budget. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation leverages built-in intelligence and optimization engines. It helps modern organizations operate smooth and faster. Hike productivity, minimize the response time, reduce costs, and receive an end-to-end solution to help the team master the service call with our Dynamics AX Field Service Automation solution. The services eliminate communication barriers and build a strong connection between scattered employees, customers and partners. Share information and processes easily to serve your customers better.

Features of Project Service Automation (PSA)

Project Planning

  • Presence of project planning tools and templates help the sales manager to collaborate with project managers. This allows them to combinedly estimate and define well the aspects like expenses, efforts, and sales value before the final proposal. With the Work Breakdown structure break the work processes and then work individually.

Time and Expenses

  • With Project Service Automation solution one can trace work efforts and estimated cost for a particular project task as a time and expense entry. You can also specify start and end entity tracking time, plan and control progress, and quick entry.

Project Analytics

  • Reporting, analytics, and interactive dashboards get a strong foundation by uniform financial events tracking. This tracking affects profitability, revenues, and expenses. Get a unified view of gross margin, expense and role utilization for real-time reporting. Also, keep your project in a flow right from sales to delivery.


Features of Field Service Automation (FSA)

Inventory Management

  • Intelligence services get the expected part in the right place in time. With Inventory Management trace stock parts precisely in vehicle, warehouse and equipment. Automate the adjustment of inventory records as per the field use, in-route purchasing. View inventory locations, and order materials from field.

Mobile Experience

  • This comprehensive solution runs efficiently on Apple, Android, and Windows devices. Even when disconnected, finish work orders, review service history, manage inventory, apply precise customer cost, collect signatures, pictures, and payment with automated real-time synchronization.

Asset Management

  • Use barcodes or serial numbers to classify objects. This enables to track asset location, maintenance needs, see history, revenue and time spent on each task. Track warranties with assets, offer data about expiration dates to field staff and make sure the billing obey warranty terms.

SAT’s Unique Delivery Perspective

SA Technologies have a great history of accelerating service delivery. We have a collective experience of 16+ years in developing, maintaining, and supporting clients throughout multiple mainstream vertical industries. Our well-versed team study your unique goals and challenges and delivers a well-crafted Microsoft Dynamics solution suiting best to your business needs.

On Premise Delivery Approach

PSA Capabilities

  • • Optimize resource assignment with scheduling unification. This increases utilization by blending the resources across workloads
  • • Exchange booking integration enhances employee productivity by keeping them informed about the project and non-project tasks
  • • Streamline customer experience with unified billing and contracts
  • • Get a 360-degree view to overall project activities, assignments, dashboards, and self-service capabilities
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FSA Capabilities

  • • Arrange maximum appointments per day with Resource Scheduling optimization
  • • Through customer, communication offer complete transparency into service interactions
  • • Use schedule unification to schedule anyone for any appointment type
  • • Enhance technician routes and select backend GIS provider of your choice
Offshore Delivery Approach


"SAT’s domain expertise and strong service automation skills amazed us and helped us understand our data in a better way. They provided end-to-end automation strategies and seamlessly implemented effective solutions. SAT is going to be our forever partner."

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