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Two Things Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is built on/for – SaaS and NAV

Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365 BC) is the natural evolution of Dynamics NAV’s latest version, which comes with a new fluid interface, as well as being a total Software as a Service Solution.

In fact, when Microsoft launched Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on April 02, they targeted both the prospects looking for SaaS ERP solution and the existing Dynamics NAV users. Furthermore, it runs on the same application code as Dynamics NAV and comes with all the essential features familiar to Dynamics NAV customers.

And if you are using any other Dynamics 365 product, what unique value does Business Central offer? Also, how to make the transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central from other Dynamics Products?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central consulting services provider

On this blog, we answer all your related queries to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Advantage

The Business Central software is built as a true SaaS that works smoothly after integrating it with the cloud. You don’t require any hardware or associated software. So, the infrastructure cost is zilch.

MS Dynamics 365 Business Central is a mid-market ERP system that’s purely SaaS (software-as-a-service). In other words, there’s no hardware and no prior infrastructure needed to adopt the D365 BC software. You just have to buy the license based on your requirements and collaborate with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provider to successfully implement it. You will receive the entirety of the solution as a package with added benefits of implementation, consultation after seeking out to a Microsoft partner.

One can ask – If the deliverables are done by the Microsoft partner, not Microsoft, will there be any impending threat or issue? The answer is no. The MS D365 BC module runs on privately controlled cloud environment by Microsoft. And only the imminent implementation and usage training are rendered by the partners. If you buy the Business Central software, the Microsoft partner will make sure that the plan you buy is a success. Any related updates, upgrades, or software patches will be dependent on the license you buy.

Some basic features of Dynamics 365 BC (irrespective of the license you choose) are

  1. Latest & Smart UI: Business Central comes with an improved and modern UI. The whole look and feel corroborate the preference of creating a better user experience. Moreover, the UI is also customizable and you can add your personal touch to it.
  2. Caters to all modes of the platform: The D365 BC app is built keeping in mind that its users can browse through the software on the platform he/she prefers. It supports iOS, Windows, and Android devices.
  3. Compatible with other Dynamics software: Cloud first & Cloud dominance has been on the Microsoft’s agenda recently. Their policies and products support it. They are working on products that amalgamate with all kinds of Microsoft applications while making sure that the integration is easy. The Business Central seamlessly works with all the Dynamics software, PowerApps, Power BI, and many more. Therefore, if you truly want to reform and transform your organization and make your mark in today’s digital space, then collaborate with a Dynamics 365 Business Central provider.
  4. Supports AI (Native intelligence): Microsoft along with their cloud-first business strategy is also leading the market in AI, machine learning, and deep learning. And if you decide to take the Business Central license, you will also be benefitting from the myriad of analytics that the software shoulders too.
  5. Simplified Customization: D365 Business Central can be a treasure for your visual designers. Its easy-to-customize feature can be leveraged to make an individualistic statement. You can custom build the business apps and workflows.D365 BC packs everything that the earlier Finance and Operations, Business edition software offered. You will get all the exclusive features consisting of fully integrated Office, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Power BI. In addition to all these, the Business Central is also a full-fledged Dynamics NAV.

To fully realize this unique software’s benefit, collaborate with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provider.