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The exponential growth in the hospitality and leisure industry has led to enhanced competition and more complex issues. The firms within this industry are facing problems regarding branding, operational efficiency, managing customer relationships, etc. In addition, the introduction of digitization made it difficult to form seamless sync between the customer and hospitality & leisure service providers.

SA Technologies’ IT solutions are crafted to help our clients of hospitality industry. We strive to offer them business solutions built on advanced technologies and the ones that promise better customer experience. For years, we’ve successfully delivered excellence and served as a reliable partner to our clients. We always strive to help our client in driving maximum value from their investment.

Our Offerings

Infrastructure development

Innovative social commerce solutions

SATs consulting practices helps to stabilize your financial services

Inventory control management solutions

SA Technologies’
Unique Approach:

A lot of Hospitality and Leisure service providers find it difficult to cope up with the ever-evolving technologies and the challenge to embrace them all. At SA Technologies, we encourage our IT experts to prioritize UI designing, information management, offer insight and cloud computing before everything else. This results in enhanced customer experience, better employee efficiency, minimum resources, time and investment.

IT Infrastructure Services

  • Data centers, servers, storages, network, etc.
  • IT Infrastructure Management

Supervised Services

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Outsourcing Services

Application Development Services

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Windows Applications

Integration Services

  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Application Management

Collaboration Services

  • Collaborative teams comprise of SAT and Client resources
  • Get onsite Project Coordinator, PM & specialized Teams
  • We manage Project Planning, Execution and Management
  • Joint governance and joint authority

Solution Provider

  • End to end SLA-based project activities managed by SAT
  • Most of the support activities are done by SAT
  • Governance is done entirely by SAT while reporting to client regularly
  • SAT owns Complete responsibility and accountability

Get On-demand Resources

  • Professionals as per the skill sets, roles and competencies
  • Single to many resources as per client needs
  • RPO Solutions for mass hiring
  • SAT owns Complete responsibility and accountability


"Being in a hospitality and leisure industry it is difficult to manage everything efficiently every time. But SA Technologies’ IT solutions for hospitality and leisure industry deserves our appreciation. Since the day we partnered with SA Technologies we have witnessed a significant surge in our business. We can say that we are a happy customer."

- Leading hospitality service provider

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