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Microsoft Dynamics AX Human Resource Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O HR & Payroll Management Consulting Services

Human Resource Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an extremely capable solution that enriches the potentiality of organizations. Our Dynamics 365/AX HR Management consulting services will provide you the functionalities like employee management, staff administration, hiring, compensation, benefits, payroll, safety, wellness, motivation, and training. Besides offering this, our services also play a significant role in minimizing the complexities and expenditures of the organization. Since the HR Management solution of Dynamics AX is closely integrated with each HR module, it tracks the organizational hierarchy. In addition, Dynamics HRM modules are further integrated with other modules like Payroll, Project Management, General Ledger, Excel, etc. to smoothly perform daily HR functionality. Integration of Dynamics AX and HRM modules offer functionalities like, automation in payroll management, attendance management, appraisal management and leave management.

Human Resource Management software on Dynamics AX will enable your employs to work with their full potential, simultaneously reducing the expenses and complexity of human management.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics AX Human Resource Management?

Collects All Employee Data At One Place

HRM in Dynamics environment bestows your HR team with core administrative tools. These tools play a vital role in managing employees, different teams and departments in an organization in a more efficient manner.

Automate Key Recruitment Process

New recruitments and handling internal job rotations is not an easy job. But one can automate personnel requirement through Human Resource Management. It enables you to control every step right from the moment an application is received.

Get Maximum Out of Your Talent

With Human Resource Management in Dynamics AX, you receive quick access to the well-framed and actionable data to reach the existing performance levels, recognize the positives and negatives of competencies, along with making the relevant comparisons.

Modeling Organizational Units

Track procedural changes in business using HR Management Service. Gain a project overview and create an organization chart with visuals and function-oriented diagrams. Also, change the framework to highlight the changes in organizational structure.

Dynamics AX Human Resource Management Capabilities Involve:

• Firms positional hierarchy, defining job role and job position along with tracking every date monitored in prior if needed.
• Attendance and leave management functionality that offer absence tracking, Log in/out tracking through Bio metric attendance (3rd party integration) when employee come office and timesheet for client site concern project
• The functionality of skill tracking and mapping along with tracking attended courses and certifications of employees
• Support in performance management like goal setting, questionnaires, and review process
• System will send a detailed file to the HR department and finance department with calculated salary based on the data of leave and attendance
• Enables employee to upload or download their payroll document
• Payroll linkup with Attendance and Leave management systems

Why Choose SAT’ for HRM of Dynamics AX?

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner SA Technologies is a leading organization with years of experience and a highly-qualified team of professionals. We strive to deliver an effective solution for all your needs in human resource department. With our Dynamics AX, Human Resource Management solutions you receive. Our team excels in designing a solution for employee management that streamlines the process of record maintenance of the employees in an organization. Our services will help you to track employees’ personal details involving medical information, salary details, employee performance in the most efficient and smooth manner.

• End-to-end-services and support
• Our team make your financial operations efficient and enrich strategic planning
• Organize your core administration efficiently
• Subject experts offering better industry practices
• Recognize gaps in employee development
• Consistent high-quality services with the latest tools and trends

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