Dynamics AX Supply Chain Management

Achieve Clear Visibility with Better Inventory Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX Supply Chain Management Consulting

Microsoft Dynamics AX Supply Chain Management solutions empower your business by streamlining maximum functional processes. It enables entire organization to deliver smooth outcomes while delivering sales, offering services to customers, shipping products, negotiating with suppliers, inventory management and every other critical task.

Our Supply Chain Management service in Dynamics AX brings flexibility in your workflow to manage inventory and buying as per your needs. It is possible with the functionalities like support forecasting, sorting, classifying and tracking the inventory. In addition, bill materials are efficiently generated and managed. We, with the Dynamics AX supply chain solution, helps you to exchange data with the number of other functional areas. Which involves production, master planning, trade, finance, and CRM to make sure there is a high level of smooth interaction between crucial business areas.

Why Choose Dynamics AX Supply Chain Management?

Automated Workflows

Supply Chain Management in Dynamics AX allows to schedule a variety of tasks and workflows. Besides it also lets you automate purchasing decisions and order approvals. This helps a purchaser to grow their business without any hassle.

Clear Visibility 

Dynamics AX is a powerful medium when it comes to inventory management. Supply Chain visibility enables you to track the shipment, whether it is in a distant continent or held in customs. With this knowledge, one can schedule the sale with a precise due date.

Exact Reporting

Dynamics AX Supply Chain Management solution benefits you by offering precise reporting. We cannot deny the fact that hiked visibility helps in decision making. It enables to respond quickly to even complex data.

Boost Inventory Management

An effective Dynamics AX solution builds flawless process right from production to delivery. This lets you arrange many ship-to addresses, work with the sales price & discount, precise shipment & delivery dates to the customers concerning the availability of an item.  

Features of Dynamics AX Supply Chain Management Consulting

For many manufacturing industries, having a flexible ERP system that can effectively simplify their supply chain management operations makes all the transformation in running a streamlined and successful processes.

• Allows you to create sales and purchasing forecasts
• With item dimensions, you can specify every single item for three item dimensions which are configuration, size, and color.
• Storage Dimensions is used to describe storage based on warehouse, palettes, and locations.
• Advanced on-hand tracking gives you an overview of existing inventory per warehouse
• Quarantine Management permits you to look at inventory at any stage during the quality testing process
• ABC analysis helps you calculate it based on revenue, cost value, margin, etc.

Why Supply Chain Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX?

SA Technologies excel in setting the industry standard for excellence in Dynamics AX solutions. By streamlining various supply chain functions, we empower you to achieve outstanding performance in sales and order management, warehouse planning and a lot more. 
With SA, you receive,

• We help you improvise the inventory management while tracking the time
• Our team offers you material requirements planning in the most flexible way
• Enriched business with 360-degree insights
• Success-oriented Supply Chain Management solutions

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