SAT's Native & Hybrid Mobile App Services

SAT provides developers and architects who have deep domain knowledge and experience in building first-grade native and hybrid apps that are most wanted in today’s market. With advanced tools and technologies, our designers and developers build mobile apps such that it fits best in our client’s requirements.

Our aim is to build tangible mobile apps that form part of a business solution. Our objective is to come up with the application and service strategies that will enhance business efficiency and ensure impeccable user experience for any mobile product. We have past experience in developing apps for multiple platforms that include Android, Windows, Adobe AIR, Appear OQ, Blackberry and many more.


We deliver high quality, flexible applications that are easy to maintain, modular to facilitate enhancements, and are reliable, secure and easy to deploy using the SAT Global Delivery Model.


SAT uses time-tested design practices to create web application designs in a manner that brings out the best of the application’s features and functionality. Our experts design with a focus on delivering exceptional user interface.

Testing & Release

Testing is done following the test cases and UAT is approved by the client. After approval, the product is released. We provide functional, non-functional testing services with additional on-going support.

Application Maintenance

Following a hybrid or collaborative approach, we work closely with you to offer maintenance services that guarantee minimum downtime and optimum efficiency for your most important applications.

Leverage Our Experience in various Native-Hybrid App Platforms

Our extensive mobile app solutions portfolio covers every latest mobile framework or platform. Our expertise in various technologies and our experience in working with diverse industries help us deliver products that deliver high business value.

Android Apps

Using the latest technologies in Android and our experience in application development, we help Clients build tailor-made apps that meet their business goals.

iOS Apps

iOS Apps built by SAT are with utmost creativity and a dash of professionalism that stand out on the App Store and deliver exceptional business results. 

Hybrid Apps

Our superior hybrid app development services combines the best of both the native and HTML 5 space. Our experts will help you build applications that look native but are compatible with all mobile platforms.


"SAT's Team of Mobile Experts helped us build an App that met our requirements without any hassle. Their designs are worth investing for. Creativity stands out for SAT and their collaborative development approach proved to be cost saving for us."

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