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Contract to Hire c2h Companies India

Assess conveniently before you hire

Our industry experts will equip you to assess our talented candidates in action before extending a full-time offer or making a long-term commitment. Capitalize on the power of our extensive knowledge of the job market and our resume database of 5 Lacs+ qualified candidates to connect with the professionals you need on a contract basis prior to hiring them.

Our proven experience bring to you speedy and flexible solutions to get your job position filled, without the burden of overstretching your own resources to review resumes, interview candidates and extend offers. We completely take care of securing the best candidates as per your unique requirements. Our veteran recruiters source, select and screen only the outstanding candidates to make sure they match the skills, attitude and competence that you need to scale swiftly.

Why rely on SAT’s Contract-to-hire services?

The key advantage of our C2H Transition Staffing Services is that if you need to try out talent on a temporary basis before deciding to introduce them to your payroll, we can ensure that this a seamless transition. Not only we aim to help you with your existing staffing needs, we also seek to build a long lasting relationship with you. SAT delivers dynamic benefits that will help you stay future-proof


Save on costs

Instantly fill critical positions with top talent while preventing the expenses such as workers’ benefits and compensation related to full-time hires.

C2H Hiring Staffing Services India

Assess before hiring

Take more informed hiring decision after assessing our top talent in action

C2H Hiring Services India

Hire the best fit

Our experts will understand your culture, needs and processes to make sure that the resources are ready to meet your expectations

Meet your project needs

Address the needs of your distinctive projects while assessing candidates for long-term roles.

Leverage Flexibility

Secure top talent for your organization while you leverage the liberty and flexibility to handle urgent projects as per your schedule.

Take the final call

Evaluate the effectiveness of additional resources in your existing workforce to measure the value imparted to your workflow and productivity, and then you decide if the augmentations are worth it.

Our contract-to-hire experts are ready to resolve your recruitment challenges










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