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Get access to the right talent at the right time

Businesses are constantly required to evolve as buyers increasingly expect to receive products and services as per their own timelines. Need for new talent is always fluctuating at different times, depending on seasonal work or project goals. The solution to this problem is being catered by the market experts at SAT. With years of experience & expertise we will impart you the ability to ramp up or slow down the process at on-demand basis.

Bringing on SAT as your strategic partner, you can benefit from the industry best practices and proven processes accessible by availing our completely flexible services. Leverage resources that are highly competent and flexibility that empowers you with greater control over your project schedules and budgets.

Why rely on SAT’s Project RPO Services?

You can efficiently manage resource demands without compromising best practices or quality in recruitment outsourcing. You can completely depend on our experienced industry experts when you have relatively shorter implementation periods or when you have specific objectives and success benchmarks to be achieved.

Capitalize on the scalability offered by SAT to accomplish volume hiring or for tough-to-find skillsets for which your organization doesn’t have hands-on experience in recruiting. SAT offers Project-based support for any phase of the RPO practice- whether you need help for sourcing, screening, interviewing, shortlisting, extending offers or pre- and post-hiring.

Project Based RPO Recruitment Services India

Our Unique Approach

Boost your productivity & minimize your costs by capitalizing on the expertise of our proven talent acquisition experts that will provide the best in class experience for your specialized project recruitments.

Client Focussed

We collaborate with you closely to deliver top talent understanding well your business and technology culture.

Project Based Recruitment Services

Cost Advantage

We help you reach your business goals swiftly and within budget

RPO Solutions and Services

Flexible Resource Usage

We have ability to make snap changes to Project Teams and increase or decrease resources at short notice

Cutting Edge Technology Expertise

Benefit from our extensive experience in a robust IT Services portfolio

Cross Industry Knowledge

Our vast industry know how is not just limited to an industry or company but also cross-industry.

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